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Hi! I’m writing a trilogy for Debra Holland’s Montana Skies Kindle World called Blooms of the West. Judy Pennell and I made up the fictitious town of Silverberry, Montana, where we introduce in the Montana Skies world and plan to use as a setting for our own books. Our characters will interact so you’ll enjoy cameo appearances. My second trilogy is called Starks of the West. So stay tuned for their release date.

I also have a series of Regency Paranormal romances that I’m calling the Phasing Society. Phasing is a musical term used when two parts go out of sync with each other and then gradually, after a number of repetitions, come back into sync again. That describes my musical pixies from the world of Jubilant. They come to earth to fix situations that will affect Earth so that love and peace will prevail, which will keep their fields of pixie dust flourishing. The first trilogy in this series will be released in February, April, May. Then another trilogy will be released that features Beldams that help synchronize the world. So stay tuned! The first trilogy will be followed up by To keep informed of upcoming releases, sign up for my newsletter below.

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Thank you for the most exciting book, Dallis Adams, Rugged Bloom. I’ve always wanted to live the stagecoach daze and this book took me there every time I read a chapter! I could envision the characters as though they were standing next to me. Hopeful for another book!

Tiptoe Chaney

Rugged Bloom