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Hi! I’m writing a trilogy for Debra Holland’s Montana Skies Kindle World called Blooms of the West. Judy Pennell and I made up the fictitious town of Silverberry, Montana, where we introduce in the Montana Skies world and plan to use as a setting for our own books. Our characters will interact so you’ll enjoy cameo appearances. My second trilogy is called Starks of the West. So stay tuned for their release date.

I also have a series of Regency Paranormal romances that will be released … when? I’m not sure. But one of the Montana Bloom brothers is going to time travel back to the Regency era.  I’m thinking January 2018 because I have a trilogy I realize I need to write after plotting out my first book. After that, a series of Medieval and Scottish romances are in the works for the summer of 2018. So stay tuned! To keep informed of upcoming releases, sign up for my newsletter below.

Click on the link below to find out more about Blooms of the West.

Blooms of the West

A nice, light hearted romp through the Montana landscape. A great backdrop for a romance between a spirited young woman, Sukey, who accidentally (through circumstances and desperation) becomes a mail order bride. When Sukey meets up with Coltrane, the Montana cowboy who is escorting her to her intended, sparks fly. Coltrane has no idea that Sukey is being pursued by a dastardly relative intent on getting his hands on Sukey’s fortune. I have read other books by Dallis Adams and, like this one I always enjoy them.
Vinney's Delight

An Enjoyable Read!, Rugged Bloom