Phase Society

Phase or Phasing (definition)—two musical parts which go out of sync with each other and gradually, after a number of repetitions, come back into sync again.

These are my spicy books. (If you want sweet romance, look at my historical western books). This is where my Regency Paranormal Fantasies will be. The first trilogy will feature pixies, trolls and shapeshifters in my Regency world. 

  • Enchant a Rogue 
  • Lace & Luck
  • Veiled Affair

Sweeten the Swindler: Best of the series… so far! Unique cast of characters and story line. No one is who they seem to be, including the dog! Very well written story! Getting even with a cheat is a common theme, but the way Dallis wrote it was totally different! The predictable was unpredictable! Revenge is Sweeten!

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Gail Dunham