Hi! Thanks bunches for your interest in my novels.

2019 is here! f there is a series you really love or if you enjoy my characters, by letting me know which one(s) you like, your feedback will help direct me in future writings. Readers have been reaching out to me about Uma’s Umbrage and asking for more. So I’ve been working on a trilogy of mysteries with Uma as the main character. Others have been asking for more Bloom of the West books. I will start working on the next three books in that series. 

Thanks so much for reading my stories, and a double thank you for your input. Please feel free to contact me at any time!

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Me and My Daughter

I write character-driven Romances, whether they are set in the Historical West, Scottish Historicals, Regencies … or Contemporary. The Phasing Society has pixies, shapeshifters, and trolls in the first trilogy. In the second and third trilogies there will be witches, warlocks, dark faeries and light faeries. I love~

  • A hero who takes charge, who seduces.
  • A heroine who has spunk to stand up to him. She can be shy and innocent, feisty, daring, kick-ass, no-nonsense… or anywhere in between.
  • Suspense or mystery with humor and adventure sprinkled in that will keep you turning the pages.
  • Intriguing inner emotional conflicts that’ll wrench your heart.

I adore traveling both in America and all over the World, meeting people, immersing myself into all kinds of cultures, visiting cemeteries, old buildings, bridges and exploring the countryside or city on my bicycle.

A nice, light hearted romp through the Montana landscape. A great backdrop for a romance between a spirited young woman, Sukey, who accidentally (through circumstances and desperation) becomes a mail order bride. When Sukey meets up with Coltrane, the Montana cowboy who is escorting her to her intended, sparks fly. Coltrane has no idea that Sukey is being pursued by a dastardly relative intent on getting his hands on Sukey’s fortune. I have read other books by Dallis Adams and, like this one I always enjoy them.
Vinney's Delight

An Enjoyable Read!, Rugged Bloom