The aim of the following receipts is to afford information for the treatment of ornamental indoor plants, and for the general requirements and improvement of the flower and kitchen garden, without entering into the principles of either agriculture of horticulture.

To dissolve bones for manure: Break the bones into small pieces or pulverize them if the means are available; put them into a hole in the ground or preferably a stone tank. Pour upon them about forty pounds oil of vitriol to 100 pounds bones. Work the mixture with long wooden poles until the mass is uniform. Allow it to remain for 24 hours, by which time it will be perfectly dry. A couple of shoverfuls added daily to a dung-heap will form a fine compost.

Bones may also be dissolved by filling an old barrel with alternate layers of wood ashes and fresh bones, slightly wetting from time to time with hot water. This is a more economical plan than by use of sulfuric acid and is said to make a more soluble compound.