The following receipts embrace directions for cleaning and removing stains of every kind, from clothing, linen, etc., and articles pertaining to the household.

  1. To remove resin spots from silk: Stains by wax, resin, turpentine, pitch, and substances of a resinous nature, may be removed by pure alcohol. It frequently happens that when common turpentine is employed to remove grease, varnish or paint stains from silk, the turpentine itself leaves a stain almost as objectionable as the original one, which it was used to remove. These stains are due to the resin which is held in solution by the turpentine, and which remains in the silk after the volatile or spirituous potion has evaporated. Alcohol applied to the stains with a clean sponge will remove the spots, because alcohol dissolves the resin. The silk stains should be moistened with the alcohol first and allowed to remain soaked for a few minutes. Fresh alcohol is then applied with the sponge and with a sligh rubbing motion. It is then wiped as dry as possible and afterward permitted to dry perfectly in the open air.

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