Cryptic Cove Mystery Series

Historical Western Mysteries set in the eccentric town of Cryptic Cove, California


Uma’s Undoing

Book #2

Release Date: December 29, 2019

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Life is wonderful for Uma. She married her sweetheart, Cryptic Cove’s enticing Sheriff Jack MacKissick. And she’s teaching, a job that’s her passion. Yes, life is grand … that is, until her unruly tongue gets away from her.

Her world comes crashing down when she sees Doctor Elroy Hancock in town and discovers he’s there … for good. She blames him for her stepsister’s death and is determined to force him to leave Cryptic Cove. But her fiery temper takes hold, and she tells him in public to get out of town, or else ….

When her threat comes to fruition and Doc Elroy ends up dead, poisoned with copious amounts of his own medicines—in the exact method she’d described—she realizes she’s in trouble. 

For who heard her threats? Northern California Marshal Spivey. The U.S. Marshal declares Jack’s involvement in apprehending the murderer as a conflict of interest since his wife, Uma, is the main suspect. He takes over Jack’s office and jail, and then locks up Uma.

But Uma is in good hands. Because the Cryptians have a plan. Jack’s plan is even better. And once Uma is freed, she’s determined to find her nemesis’ killer, even if she must disobey Jack’s orders to stay out of it. But the killer isn’t finished. His eyes are set on Uma

Note: Back to Cryptic Cove by popular demand! Uma’s Undoing is a spin-off from Uma’s Umbrage, a book I wrote for the Alphabet Mail-Order Brides. Readers requested more stories set in Cryptic Cove. So here is the next installment, featuring Uma and the eclectic, mystical town of Cryptic Cove! Thanks for your feedback, your enthusiasm and support.

And thanks for reading. Enjoy!

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Uma’s temper is quick but her intuition is quicker. She is lucky to meet Jack and together solve her mother’s death. Sweet and salty romance. ~LKD/SED ~Uma’s Umbrage

This was one of the best books in this series, [out of the 24 authors in Alphabet Mail-Order Brides]. I loved Jack and Uma’s love story. Will be checking out more stories from this author! 


Uma's Umbrage