Explanation of Book Series & Future Series to Come

  • Sweet Historical Westerns  Romances:
    • Rugged Bloom, Tangled Bloom, Christmas Bloom. Recently I got my publishing rights back from Montana Sky Publishing. My cover artist is re-creating the covers and I plan to republish the books in January, 2020. All of my historical western romances are sweet. I started writing historical westerns after meeting Debra Holland at a writing conference in San Diego. At the time she invited me and my close friend, Judy Pennell, to write in her Montana Skies Kindle World. Judy and I thought it was a great idea to gain readership, as well as a privilege to be invited. So we set up our own town in Montana that was close to Debra’s town, Morgan’s Landing. We named our town Silverberry. I wrote three books that revolve around the large Bloom family, with ten siblings. Although I still have seven siblings to go in Blooms of the West, I’m not sure that I will write a book for each sibling. Perhaps another trilogy.
    • Sweeten the Swindler: I was invited to write in a series called Brides of Blessings. This is where you will find Sweeten the Swindler, another sweet historical western romance.
  • Mystery with Romantic Elements:
    • Uma’s Umbrage, came out on January 21, 2019 that is part of the Alphabet Mail-Order Brides, consisting of 25 authors. I had several readers ask for more Uma books in the quirky town of Cryptic, California, setting in the late 1800s. Uma’s Umbrage is a Romantic Mystery. Because so many readers are showing an interest, I have decided to put aside other books I was working on, and write a series that I’m calling Cryptic Cove Mystery Series. I decided not to put this series under sweet historical western romances because the rest of these books will be what I think of as mysteries with romantic elements, not necessarily romances since Uma married at the end of Uma’s Umbrage. But, as requested, the books will be about Uma and you’ll find out more about the eccentric town of Cryptic Cove! Thank you for reading, communicating with me, and showing support! Uma’s Undoing will be released on November 29, 2019. Next will be Uma’s Uproar and then Uma’s Urchins.
  • Mad Magic series:
    • This is where you’ll find my Regency paranormal/fantasy romances. These books are sexy, on the spice level of Amanda Quick and Julie Garwood’s historical romances. Spell for a Scoundrel, Charmed Cheat, and Veiled Visions is the first trilogy, available now. Pixies come to earth to fix situations so that love and peace will prevail, which will keep their fields of pixie dust flourishing. Originally published by Dorchester Love Spell, these are books that I hope you will come to love, because I would love to write more. As long as the first two trilogies do well, I plan to write two more trilogies.
    • The second trilogy will feature witches/mages who have inherited pixie magic; the setting will also be in England, Scotland and Wales, but will be in the Victorian era. The witch protagonist and her friends will help synchronize the world, fighting their nemeses. I’m thinking of making these books not as sensuous, with sexual acts occurring off-scene. But kissing, heavy petting will be seen, as well as off-color jokes will be in the books.
    • The third trilogy will be a contemporary setting. Same spice level as in the second trilogy.
    • A fourth trilogy I’m considering will be ancestors in either Medieval or Highlander books … or both. If I write two more trilogies, they will be set in early medieval times, during the Norman invasion, as well as some Highlander books!
  • Blackbeard Descendants Witch Mysteries will be another series that I’m planning to spin-off from the Mad Magic series. Part of the year I live by Topsail Island, North Carolina. The area is rife with history about Blackbeard since he lived there most of the time. So I have a magical series in mind for the Topsail/Pamlico/Pungo Rivers area. In fact, I was writing these books and put them aside to start the Cryptic Cove Mysteries by popular demand!

When I have a better handle on my books and progress, I will post a release schedule.

Thank you for reading.

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