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Insights on Dallis

I love writing~

  • Magic and mystery combined with romance or romantic elements. Or, if my setting isn’t a magical world, there are hints of magic that the characters wonder about but shrug off as something unexplained or their imagination. But mystery elements are usually in the plot as well as romance.
  • Quirky humor and some snark. Situations and dialogue that entertains, makes you laugh as well as shows what’s driving the character.
  • A hero who takes charge, who will do anything for the sake of the heroine.
  • A heroine who has spunk to stand up to the hero, or anybody … or to the world. Or if the hero needs rescuing, she rides toward the confrontation. In other words, whatever or whoever is threatening her loved ones, she defends them head on! She can be shy and innocent, feisty, daring, kick-ass, no-nonsense… or anywhere in between.
  • Intriguing, poignant inner emotional conflicts that’ll wrench your heart.

The Cotswolds, where I discovered Stowford Press, a dry hard cider with no added sugar! Loved it!