I loved Season 1 of this series on Netflix. It was very unusual for several reasons. 

  • The heroine, Murphy, is blind and beautiful. 
  • She is snarky, likes casual sex, has a lot of baggage, hard core and yet loyal to a fault to the people she loves. 
  • The plot revolves around Murphy solving who killed her best friend, Tyson. 

She became best friends with the fifteen year old boy after he saved her from a mugging. The story opens with Murphy finding Tyson’s dead body. She screams for help but when the police come, the body is gone. The police don’t believe her friend is dead and the story goes on from there. She discovers Tyson was involved with a cartel selling drugs, which she is devasted to learn, and she is determined to discover who killed him. Throughout the first season she despises the people who coerced him to deal in heroine. I won’t tell you the twist at the end of the season. 

In season 2, she totally changes, and I feel that the focus and her motivation changes away from getting justice for Tyson. It becomes more on the lines of Breaking Bad. No, she doesn’t make meth, but she does get into cleaning drug money. At one point, she says she loves being a part of the drug family because she’s good at it. Totally different than her former morals. I was disappointed. She could have worked on taking down the Chicago PD who let her down, not join the violent people who made a slave of Tyson. And she gets so caught up in the drug stuff and wanting to get out of it, instead of stopping the guy who killed Tyson, that she works against the good guys that are in law enforcement. She dupes a good guy who has been working for two years to bring down the head pin by warning that head pin of the bust. Of course it ends up backfiring on her. But, through a series of chances, she does finally manage to inadvertently get justice for poor Tyson toward the end of season 2. 

Anyway, I’m not sure that I’ll watch season 3.