Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched NCIS Season 14, Episode 16, stop here.

Just got through watching NCIS where Ellie Bishop goes rogue and disobeys Gibbs and goes after Qasim’s killer, Chen. 

I had a problem with this whole season as far as how the producers treated the love affair between

Ellie and Qasim. I think what bothered me is nobody on Team Gibbs knew for a long time that they were even dating. So that made it hard for me to wrap my head around the fact they were in love. Their relationship was too rushed. And why keep it a secret? Forget the no-dating-coworkers rule!

Yes, I felt really bad that he was shot right in front of Ellie. But when it happened I didn’t understand

and I wasn’t emotionally involved in how his death would affect her. Her whole uncharacteristic reaction of sneaking around behind Gibbs’ back and the rest of her team, was something I really didn’t like.

And I didn’t believe for a moment that Ellie wouldn’t accept Quinn’s help. I felt sorry for Quinn because she asked Ellie if she was alright and Ellie just blew her off.


For once I would like to see the females bond. I mean, if Ellie was dating Qasim for a year, don’t you think she would have told Abby or Quinn?

All of the women are stand-offish with each other. Ziva was similar in that she didn’t tell anybody she was in love with diNozzo. And of course he was fighting his attraction to Ziva. Everyone seemed to know how Tony felt because they saw the longing glances shared between them.And the audience knew. We saw how Ziva suffered when Tony fell for Jeanne. We had almost 2 seasons dealing with their star-crossed love affair.


Anyway, back to Ellie and Qasim — I guess it irritates me that nobody saw Qasim and Ellie’s shared glances when they were together. Qasim wasn’t a field agent; he didn’t work with Ellie every day since he was an interpreter. It just bugged me that she kept their relationship secret.

But I did like the episode with her brothers and how they were relieved when they found out her boyfriend wasn’t Gibbs.  The producers should have had several more episodes developing Ellie and Qasim’s relationship. In my opinion, anyway!