Game of Thrones, Season 8. Almost every plot line and character left off with me being greatly dissatisfied. No payoffs. Just weird choices and surprises for the sake of surprising. But I wanted to mention one at a time. Here’s one.

The writers made such a big deal about Jon Snow’s secret heritage. I thought he would be able to at least control the dragons and communicate with them. Maybe inherit them, especially once Daenerys went homicidal (that didn’t make sense to me,¬†either … even though she was fearful she would become mad like dad.

She acted totally out of character from her other conquered lands). Too, of course I thought Jon would become king since he was the only legitimate heir. But to end up where he started? At the wall? UGH! No character growth at all! 

And to give Gray Worm authority to decide what to do with him after he took the mad queen down? After Gray Worm slaughtered those who willingly surrendered! He had no right to judge Jon’s actions, in my opinion!