Blooms of the West

Christmas Bloom

Book 3 in Blooms of the West

Arlette Prettie, better known as “Arlo,” must find an upstanding gentleman to stand in as her temporary husband in order for her dead sister’s father-in-law to give her custody of her five-year-old niece. But what decent man will want her, a woman known as the crass, rough and tumble town smithy?

Wyatt Bloom considered Arlo as one of the boys, somebody he trusts implicitly so he wants to help. But to be her temporary husband? Even he can only do so much. That is, until his sisters-in-law change her from a frog into a princess. She’s the one. But how can he convince her that his love is more than skin deep? No other woman will do because she is his Christmas Bloom.

Tangled Bloom

Book 2 in Blooms of the West

Olivia Brown was Avonaco Bloom’s best friend’s little sister and off limits. Then she was older and Avon didn’t know how to accept this budding woman, especially when she confessed she loved him. He dismissed her, saying she was too young. He left on a scouting job. When he returned she had married his family’s enemy, a Stark.

Now she’s an elusive divorced woman with secrets in those gorgeous eyes. Can he convince her to confide in him, to trust him again not only with her well-being, but especially with the love he so carelessly tossed aside?


Rugged Bloom

Book 1 in Blooms of the West

Carnival beauty, Sukey Ledbetter is not the marrying kind. She’s forced to take on a temporary alias as a mail-order bride in order to escape her treacherous uncle who is after her fortunes and intent on locking her up in the lunatic asylum.

Nothing prepares her, however, for the sight of the rugged cowboy who’s to escort her to her supposed-betrothed. Her escort is Coltrane Bloom, a man more powerfully compelling than any she had ever encountered.


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Fun, entertaining, light-hearted read. Couldn’t put it down. Love the way Dallis Adams details everything. Giggled and smiled throughout the book. Looking forward to reading more from this talented writer!

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