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Hello! I’m a retired public school teacher and fiction author. I love learning about history. One of my favorite classes was a course in linguistics. And I enjoy learning about Civics and the American Constitution, something I feel wasn’t covered very well in my education.

My parents were public school teachers. When I was in middle school/high school, we lived in town during the year, and then moved out to our farm in the country during the summer to help care for our cattle and garden. My grandparents lived there full time and we always had a big garden to tend. 

I remember going through some of my dad’s old textbooks from his high school and college years. I found a textbook on Civics and the American Constitution. It was fascinating, subjects my generation never covered in school, (and public curriculum still doesn’t today). I don’t know what happened to the book, and I wish I had it now.

In this day and age, I think learning the origins of America will make me love and appreciate our Democratic Republic much more. So, I will be sharing what I learn on this blog site.

Historical Fiction books I have written has led me to much of my historical studies. You can find my books on Amazon.

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